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Fictional Journals

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October 30th, 2005

laerlass @ 02:04 pm: Laerlass
Hi! I just joined this community, and found it by looking for communities just for people with journals for fictional characters :) Last year, I wrote a couple of journal entries for an elven character of mine, Laerlass. I decided to give her a journal of her own, and start writing her entries again. She lives in Lothlorien about 70 years before the War of the Ring. I found the two entries I wrote before and posted those in her journal, then just updated again a few minutes ago. Here's her journal:laerlass

September 24th, 2005

rabidsnowman @ 06:43 pm: I am God.
Hello! My journal is not entirely fictional as sometimes I will bitch about my boring life in it. Most of it, however, is very fictional and very awesome. I was not aware that anyone else had fictional journals and I look forward to checking them out.

eggmanbenedict @ 12:39 am: Behold!
I am Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik, and I am the greatest genius in all the world!

I've decided to try this Livejournal thing. Add me back, cretins!

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July 22nd, 2005

yoshiotanaka @ 07:55 pm: Hello.
I'm very glad to have found a community for fictional journals. I wasn't sure if one existed.

My name is Yoshio. My journal was just created. There isn't anything interesting in my journal yet. I'm only posting here in order to make my presence slightly more known. Hopefully it will become more developed and interesting over time.

July 12th, 2005

bloodredpistol @ 03:26 pm: Hello. This is a fictional journal and everything said and written here is fictional, as one would guess. I'm not a real person, but I've got bits and pieces of truth and real scenes in me.

It was a weird idea to start this journal, I guess. It's kind of like an ever going story that someone was never able to write and I'm the product because hopefully with practice and many jounral entries it'll blossom.

I don't live anywhere. I don't have a birth certificate. My name is Violet. If you had some small idea of who I was, that would be a dead giveaway. Hopefully it's not.

What are your thoughts?

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Current Music: Alice in Chains- Heaven Beside You

May 10th, 2005

rorypadraig @ 01:25 pm: New Member

It's great to meet you all. My journal is one of many written by three friends (Maerlann, Rhianwen and Neneithel on lj). I'm possibly rather dull compared with others featured here. I'm an Irish horse trainer, Rory O'Connal, who went to work in England on the estate of a successful businesswoman who knew very little about horses. Now she knows more about horses and a lot more about me and we married in November 2003. Our first child is due at the end of October. We just finished a tour of Scotland with my brother and cousin and some friends. Today we're off to Ireland, where my brother will be getting married a month from now. I'll put links to the other interconnected journals behind a cut.

As I said, rather dull.  I'm  just an ordinary man in love with his wife and occasionally facing homicidal members of the local hunt and a spiteful ex-girlfriend. 

Should anyone else want to write a journal linked to our growing group of family and friends, there are plenty of options in the fictional villages of Woodhollow in Oxfordshire and Dunveagan in Ireland. 

LinksCollapse )

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April 30th, 2005

simulatedbsc @ 12:09 pm: BSC journal
I just joined to share my Sims 2 journal in which the characters are aged members of Ann M. Martin's Baby-Sitters Club series. Check it!

March 26th, 2005

ava_h @ 11:30 am: hello everybody!
I just made a fictional journal and am glad to have found this community who share that interest. My character is named Ava and she's somebody I wanted to create for a while but never knew how to express her. You can add me as a friend if you like.

February 13th, 2005

kozatoi @ 02:12 pm: Personal Logs of Kozatoi Kozakura
I've begun keeping this journal as a fictional writing project for an... admittedly 'different' sort of character. He's something of an android, only more biological than mechanical. I figured that a community like this was appropriate, though, considering the fictional theme.

Commentary welcome!

January 11th, 2005

fealith @ 05:22 pm: Hellooo~
Well, this is an interesting group! I wouldn't go so far as to say I'm 'fictional', but I'm surely not your average everyday Joe. I'm sure you people are all facinating, (just like me XD ) and I'll enjoy reading all about my fellow dreamers.

(( Okay, fictional would be the word, but that seems to cheapen the fun, haha! ))

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